The Land

The Time Of Creation.


In 2007, Bakis Tsalkos, a renowned oenologist, met the family of Dominique Fontvielle-Petridis from Mont Brison, France, a woman who had grown up in a family with a strong wining cultural background.

Together they joined their vision allowing it to develop even further.This is how Oenogenesis was set up with the aim to produce wines of the highest quality.

Right from the makings,the company built a disciplined, innovative and serious wine-making team.

Between Doxato and Adriani

The winery of the estate has been built against the background of Mount Falakro, overlooking the Pangaio Mountain Range, between Doxato and Adriani, Drama. Inspired by the old Macedonian buildings and the monasteries of Mount Athos, the Winery has been made of wood and stone, modeled on an old Mecadonian Mansion.

The Winery is a lively and functional venue, attracting the attention of the visitors who have the opportunity to witness a modern-day wine making process.

The Wines

Fegitis: the small window. Three Greek skylight architectural designs adorn this series of wines. …


It’s not just a number. Instead, countless rewards of yours come to mind. And for Bakis it made sense, as …


Skertso: Italian word meaning playfulness, movement. It provokes interest, the game of aroma and flavor …


Thyrsus in Greek mythology was the ritual component of Dionysus and his escort, the Maenads …

About us
Sophia Stratakis Huling

Tsalkos has always had a passion for grapes and wine. But he is also passionate about what he creates – and its quality. Tsalkos doesn’t compromise.

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