Thyrsus in Greek mythology was the ritual component of Dionysus and his escort, the Maenads Satyra and others. It was a small rectilinear stick of natural origin, and is a clown from a plant, perhaps from fennel or narthex, with a tufted blossom on its top. It is often depicted by a ribbon or braided with vine leaves. At the top is crowned with ivy, vine leaves, or a pine-pine-tree pine. The length of the trunk varies considerably, from 30 cm to 2 meters.



Protected geographical indication “Macedonia”


Variety Composition

Malagousia 60% / Viongnier 40%


Wine Characteristics

Thyrsus is the new wine of Oenogenesis with a pale yellow color. A nose of specific intensity with a bouquet reminiscent of a riot of white flowers, along with white fruit, stone fruit, tropical fruit that develop into orange blossoms aromas which are accompanied by herbal cues of lemon verbenas and rosemary aromas, while finishing with touches of honey and honeycomb. It has a dry taste, with medium acidity that is in very good balance with the full body of the wine. Its aftertaste is towards moderate.


Serving Recommendations

Served at 8°C. Accompanies rabbit roasted in the oven with caramelized pears in honey and mustard sauce. It also accompanies perfectly fresh fish baked in the oven and white meats.

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